Old Line Tailgating Club main goal is to improve Maryland football by doing the little things for the long haul.  Our focus is philanthropy, fun and football, and we specifically target that in the following ways: 

  1. Serve local, underprivileged communities by providing tickets to families and local groups to Maryland football games.  We are able to do this thanks to membership dues, donations and various fundraisers throughout the year.
  2. Enhance the Maryland football tailgating experience by providing a fully outfitted tailgate at every home game.
  3. Foster a community of like minded folks who want to see both the surrounding community and the Maryland football program thrive.

2019 GOALS

  • Provide over 5,000 tickets for kids and their families at Maryland football home games. [Achieved!  We gave away 5,000 tickets to the Howard game and will do 1,000 at the Syracuse game]
  • Host a tailgate for every home Maryland football game.
  • Sponsor a bus trip and tailgate to the Temple game in Philadelphia. [Achieved!  Learn more here!]

2019 Progress

Kid’s Tickets
Full members


Membership dues & donations help bring local kids to Maryland football games

We have ambitious goals for 2019 and are always looking for new partnerships.  Please reach out if you would like to learn more about getting your organization involved.



We did our best for the football season and brought 6050 kids to games this season. That feels good. On to the things to make local kids Terp fans

Old Line is working to fill the wall for the 12/29 game vs Bryant. I have spoke to the ticket office and to fill the wall it takes the purchase of 2600 tickets. I spoke to Turge and he was blown away and appreciative of us helping out , especially on a game where the attendance will be less than capacity.

We currently have $1000 in the coughers, and hope to add a few hundred more from the Nebraska tailgate.

We will be holding a tailgate in lot 11b for the Illinois basketball game 12/7 (weather pending) from 1-430pm to also raise funds and give folks another chance to tailgate. Trying to do our pizza oven for food.

PG Co. Boys and Girls Club has requested 600 tickets already. I told them I wont let them down.

This is a great holiday gift to give local kids a chance to our team and give our team an euthanistic wall of fans, that will get the experience of lowering the flag.

Any help would be appreciated.


Our venmo is OL-tailgate and paypal is Oldlinetailgating@gmail.com
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Here is an Old Line Tailgating Club update:

Ok, we were able to find 60 kids to take tickets for soccer. (best we could do)

and we purchased 50 tickets for MV Chiefs for Indiana.

Only thing left is to pack the wall for Bryant and give local youth a great holiday gift of see our terps.

Any donation made here on out is for the basketball game.

Just a recap of 2019

We have increased membership from 32 to 50.

We have raised over 60K

We did a golf scramble

We got a tour of new cole

We have had a tailgate for all home games

We did a road trip to Philadelphia with 3 buses and 250 tailgaters.

We sent 5000 people to Howard

We sent 800 to Syracuse

We are sending 60 to MD soccer vs Georgetown

Lastly we are sending 50 to the Indiana game

We (this encompasses all donors)…...We accomplished something I hope to continue to duplicate. Thank goodness, I found over 200 people with the same passion I do to buck the status quo and do something different.

Go Terps

Pack the wall and make a kids holiday week off school a little bright, 2600 tickets. 10$ per ticket is the price I got.

If you have youth basketball groups that would use the tickets let me know.


OL-Tailgating (venmo)

oldlinetailgating@gmail.com (paypal)
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