Old Line Tailgating Club has launched a fundraiser to purchase more tickets for kids throughout 2021. We will be running a square game for the upcoming football season. Winning squares will be determined by the end score of each quarter of every Maryland football game this year. Quarters 1, 2 , and 3 will win $100. The final score of the game will be $200. Each square that we are selling is $100. The square numbers were chosen at random once all 100 squares were filled.

The fundraiser will bring in $10,000 – with $4,000 directly going towards tickets for area youth! This is a great way to have an interest in every game this season and to put more kids in seats.

While entry into the fundraiser is now closed, you can track the outcomes of the fundraiser here!  Thank you to all who entered and best of luck!


Quarter Score Payout Winner
First Quarter 17-14 $100 Cooper Wiles
Second Quarter 20-21 $100 Patrick Vaughon
Third Quarter 20-21 $100 Patrick Vaughon
Fourth Quarter 30-24 $200 Anna Page
Quarter Score Payout Winner
First Quarter 14-0 $100 James Carter
Second Quarter 38-0 $100 Patrick Vaughon
Third Quarter 52-0 $100 Jay Z
Fourth Quarter 62-0 $200 Jay Z